Remove plastic bags from your life

They are among us, they are part of our lives and sometimes seem inseparable from our purchases. This is because a point has been reached where plastic bags are taken, offered, bought and disposed of with overflowing ease. All this has brought a comfort to our lives that has direct repercussions on the planet, since every day thousands of plastic bags arrive in natural environments and it will be centuries before they disappear. This is the main reason to stop consuming so much plastic in our daily lives, although it can be accompanied by many other reasons.

The only effort that needs to be made is to become aware of the imperative need to minimize the presence of plastics in our homes and start doing it. After a quick count it is easy to see how many of these plastics we are going to use immediately after their current function and which ones will be discarded directly. The numbers in a single household are alarming and this can be seen in how quickly the dustbin is filled with the packaging we use. This simple exercise will be enough to raise awareness and also to get some ideas on how to eliminate the consumption of this packaging by replacing it with other more sustainable types.

We can start, for example, by buying fewer products packaged in disposable plastics and start buying those packaged in cardboard. Cardboard is much easier to recycle and degrades quickly when it is finally disposed of. Instead of buying the plastic bags offered in the shops, it is advisable to invest in good 100e cotton bags that we can use repeatedly. When these bags reach the end of their life, they degrade very quickly because they are made of organic material.

Other formulas The study by specialized scientists to find new more sustainable materials and support from governments are also essential steps in the hard work of reducing emissions of plastics to natural environments. Measures to raise public awareness, new laws that increase penalties for polluting industries and others that encourage the reduction of plastic products in shops are necessary. Together we are doing much more.