WHO: Calling young people to face up to the coronavirus

The World Health Organization has noted its obvious concern about new data from the global coronavirus pandemic. Numbers are changing and now the maximum spread of the virus is in much younger individuals, between 20 and 40 years old.the big problem is that many of these people turn out to be asymptomatic, not aware of their infection and thus not aware of their high capacity to infect others. This is a great risk for people who are among the most vulnerable groups because those who do not comply with the safety measures already established and known by all, are becoming a factor of uncontrol difficult to contain. Communication is essential It is clear that knowledge is power in many cases.

In the control of the pandemic this wisdom is also applied because only those who know the risks can put into practice the methods to control the problem. Here it is essential that we all participate. As Tedros, the Director General of the WHO, has pointed out, we cannot be selfish in the fight against the coronavirus because at some point we may need others to continue the fight. However, for everyone to participate equally by contributing their small grain of sand, it is essential that the information be true and real in all aspects.

We cannot force young people to behave in a way that is in keeping with the responsibility of adults by means of prohibitions. The most effective way is to start a campaign in different media to raise awareness and inform them about the responsibilities they should adopt. Influencing and informing them through targeted advertising, media and specifically designed campaigns has proven to be an effective system. The truth is that young people are, in general, one of the groups that show the most solidarity in the face of misfortunes and injustices of various kinds.

The only thing that is needed for the reaction to appear is to activate their empathic capacity by talking to them in their language and through their communication media.publicity, social networks, influencersThere are many ways in which young people move on a daily basis and these are the ones that must be studied and used to reach them and mobilize their interest in collaboration in the fight against the global pandemic.taking advantage of the voice of their references in the media and designing the campaigns from their point of view is fundamental to achieving an efficient result. It is possible, as has been shown in the past, to reach out to young people to raise their awareness and sense of responsibility. They know what needs to be done and will be happy to do so if they feel committed to the cause and understand themselves as an integral part of the fight against the problem and not as a target for blame.